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If you are facing criminal charges, your future may be at stake. You need a lawyer that will fight hard for you. 

Why people call Mike Rexroat for their defense:
  • Former police officer - We understand both sides of the court.
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  • Available by phone days, nights and weekends.
Having a competent Murfreesboro defense attorney on your side may make a significant impact on the results of your case. Don't hesitate to call Mike Rexroat today.
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Murfreesboro Criminal Defense Attorney
From Attorney Mike Rexroat
Defending against a criminal charge is no light matter. And if the matter is not handled correctly, the consequences could potentially last a lifetime. There is almost always the potential that you can serve time in jail and have the financial burdens of fines and court costs. Certain offenses also carry additional consequences such as the loss of your driving privileges, loss of your rights to own or otherwise possess firearms or placement on the sex offender registry. You can even lose your right to vote.

The stakes are too high to face these problems alone. You need an attorney who understands the consequences involved and who can professionally guide you through this difficult time. You need Rutherford County’s and Middle Tennessee’s Red King Law.

I'd like to speak with you about your recent arrest. Call me now, so that we can discuss your options.

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What Clients Are Saying
"Michael was a very nice and concerned attorney. He jump on my case and got it handled just like i needed it. I would definitely recommend him for anybody looking for a attorney in the Murfreesboro area" - M.T.
"Thank you so much for representing me you took so much stress off of me today. I would definitely have you again for my lawyer. GOD BLESS YOU!!!" - D.B.
"Great lawyer! Mike Rexcoat is happy to help fight for your best interests and is easy to contact with any legal question you may have. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a good attorney." - D.J.
"I Definitely refer Mr. Rexroat. He is an outstanding attorney that will fight for you. The professionalism and security you have knowing he’s got your back is unprecedented." - C.D.
"Michael Rexroat is an excellent attorney. He comes with an incredible amount of experience from his time as a police officer, was very approachable with any and all questions and gave honest and upfront legal advice every step of the way." - C.C.
"Michael is an amazing Attorney. He takes his cases very serious and will not let you down period. He actually fights for his clients and this is from my experience. Michael is the guy to call if you every need help. He will help you and succeed. He genuinely cares about his clients." - R.W.
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